BlogWorkspaceWelcome to an exciting chapter in Inciem’s history!  

Welcome to an exciting chapter in Inciem’s history!  

We, Team Inciem is proud to announce the news of our most recent office expansion, which is evidence of our development, dedication to quality, and promising future. In the ever-evolving landscape of business, this expansion not only reflects the company’s remarkable growth but also serves as a proof of its commitment to providing an exceptional work environment for its employees. This blog article will walk you through the steps, the obstacles we overcome, and the great opportunities our larger location presents. 

The Vision Behind the Expansion: 

A well-planned expansion promotes a culture of creativity, teamwork, and employee well-being in addition to adding larger area. Inciem sees the larger workspace as a centre for innovation, where concepts may flow freely, and staff members are motivated to take risks. The goal is to establish an environment that encourages involvement, productivity, and an impression of community. 

Pioneering Projects 

Let us take a moment to review some of the pioneer projects that we have established standards within our sector. 


ConnektPlus is a Digital Portfolio designed to help users create and showcase their professional portfolios online.  


DineEase Aims to enhance the dining experience for employees within a co-working space. Our comprehensive online food ordering application seamlessly integrates both web and mobile platforms.  


Naudee is a dating application designed to facilitate connections between individuals seeking relationships.


CleveBiz is a project management and employee management software. It’s a complete workplace solution created to transform team’s productivity, success, and communication. 


The Chatsappo demonstrates the potential of blending advanced natural language processing with real-world use. Using ChatGPT our WhatsApp chatbot provides instant access to a wealth of information and assistance via your preferred messaging application. 


Introducing your premier visa application and business set-up partner in the UAE. Startsmartz is a comprehensive business setup portal and UAE visa service company located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With a commitment to facilitating entrepreneurship and seamless business establishment, Startsmartz offers a range of services designed to assist both local and international entrepreneurs in setting up their businesses in the UAE.   

Showcasing Milestones: 

Visitors and employees alike will be raised by visual representations, interactive displays, and immersive experiences that track the challenges overcome, lessons learned, and triumphs celebrated throughout Inciem’s project history. 

Employee-Centric Approach: 

The happiness and well-being of Inciem’s staff is at the core of this expansion. The comprehensive consideration of the needs and preferences of the workers appears in the new office space. With the help of adjustable work hours and comfortable workstations, Inciem is committed to creating an atmosphere where workers can grow on a personal and professional level.


Inciem maintains its dedication to development, innovation, and worker well-being as it sets out on this thrilling office expansion journey. The enlarged office represents Inciem’s future goals and is more than just a physical location. We are happily awaiting the grand opening of a workspace that perfectly captures the essence of Id. 

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