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We help businesses understand, manage & improve their process and innovation stacks.

“I always find inspiration in thinking how much we can help our customers achieve more in business via doing the right IT and doing IT right.”

Anoop Sasidharan

Anoop Sasidharan

CEO of Inciem

Our Expertise

Our team has 50+ years of combined expertise and has completed 100+ projects for clients all around the world.

Discover new possibilities with improving technology.

We discover a new world of possibilities through the continuous advancement of technology, which helps you refine and optimise your business’s processes for better efficiency and productivity.

Our Technologies

Find the solution to your business challenges in our flagship products for enterprise and hybrid infrastructure, along with security, supply chain, and storage solutions.

Business Consultancy

Inciem leverages its significant local and international expertise to provide tailored solutions to our clients’ specific needs.

Our solutions

We design products, packaging and user experiences with a unique research based process i call Informed Creativity.

Software Services

When your standard system does not work, we build tailored applications to connect the gaps to make better efficiency and resolve your real business difficulties cost-effectively.

Business Consulting

Whether you need a one-time project or an ongoing support plan, our tactical consulting and business technology solutions facilitate you to focus on what matters—running and growing your business.

Workforce Outsourcing

We provide expert skill augmented with your internal resources to meet swiftly changing recruitment needs and aggressive project timelines enabling you to stay focussed on results and core business.

Branding & Communication

Inciem establishes brand identification and customer engagements for global clients through creative communication in the digital space.

Data Analytics & Visualization

Our Data & Visualization services and solutions provide information life cycle management and operational excellence to the business ecosystem.

Enterprise Mobility

We develop high-performing high available mobile applications that interact with enterprise systems while in the field or on the floor.

Helping you to establish your company's requirements

We help business in identifying and outlining key business requirements, whether they are forming a new company or maintaining an existing one. Including practical techniques for navigating complexity, aligning corporate demands with strategic goals, and achieving the most effective outcomes.

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